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Paul is a resolute champion of an exclusively male priesthood cf. What would have become of the countries about the Mediterranean during the epoch of the migration of the nations from if the popes , bishops , and clergy had not tamed the German hordes, converted them from Arianism to Catholicism , and out of barbarism evolved order? In common with the priests , the Levites were also bound to instruct the people in the Law 2 Chronicles This conviction is strengthened by consideration of the psychological impossibility of the Protestant assumption that from the end of the first century onward, Christendom tolerated without struggle or protest the unprecedented usurpation of the priests , who without credentials or testimony suddenly arrogated Divine powers with respect to the Eucharist, and, on the strength of a fictitious appeal to Christ, laid on baptized sinners the grievous burden of public penance as an indispensable condition of the forgiveness of sin.

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